Le Sirop de MONIN Walnut Brownie

Le Sirop de MONIN Walnut Brownie

Indulge yourself in the rich and buttery chocolate brownie, enhanced by mild nuttiness of the walnut. Mix Le Sirop de MONIN Walnut Brownie into a coffee or hot chocolate, or drizzle it over an ice cream to extend the dessert experience. 

Le Sirop de MONIN Walnut Brownie delivers chocolate indulgence to coffees, milkshakes, chocolates, cocktails, dessert drinks, culinary applications and also toppings.

Product available only in ASIA PAC, please contact your local distributor for more information.


coffee based drinks, chocolates and hot drinks, dessert drinks, smoothies & frappes

The MONIN Tips

My personal favourite is to add nuttiness and intensify the rich chocolate taste of a cup of hot chocolate with it. I also like to play around with espresso martinis, the nutty chocolate taste counterbalances the bitterness of the espresso!

French company