Le Sirop de MONIN Grenadine

Le Sirop de MONIN Grenadine

Originally made from pomegranate pulp, grenadine syrup kept its name, but its recipe has been modified since the 19th century. Indeed, as the pomegranate doesn’t grow in the West, grenadine syrup is actually an assortment of red fruits which resemble the pomegranate’s colour and flavour.

Le Sirop de MONIN Grenadine is a delicious mix of blackcurrant, raspberry, elderberry and vanilla. Its beautiful red colour and sweet notes, with a hint of sourness, can be enjoyed both in cocktails and mocktails. It is a perfect ingredient to use to transform lemonades or beers or elevate a Tequila Sunrise or a Planter’s Punch.


tequila, tiki, beer, lemonade, mocktail, latte

The MONIN Tips

An essential ingredient for classic cocktails such as a Tequila Sunrise, a Zombie or a Barbotage, MONIN Grenadine syrup will enhance all of your signature cocktails through both its appearance and taste.

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