Le Sirop de MONIN Green Apple

Le Sirop de MONIN Green Apple

With a vibrant green colour all the way through to ripeness, the green apple is sour, juicy, firm and crisp. Widely appreciated in the pastry industry, it pairs wonderfully with flavours like wild strawberry, cinnamon, mint or even dried fruits.

Le Sirop de MONIN Green Apple captures the essence of this fruit that’s full of character and will add a refreshing touch of tartness to all of your alcoholic or non-alcoholic creations. You will be surprised by the freshness of Le Sirop de MONIN Green Apple mixed with a green tea, a lemonade or even a ginger Gin Fizz. 


lemonade, tea, iced tea, fizz, highball

The MONIN Tips

Ideal for creating lemonades or cocktails, it will quickly become one of your essential ingredients. MONIN Green Apple Syrup pairs effortlessly with flavours such as ginger, kiwi, cucumber and tarragon, as well as with white alcohols, ciders, and white wine.

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