Le Sirop de MONIN Coffee

Le Sirop de MONIN Coffee

Originally from Ethiopia and consumed for centuries, coffee is the result of roasting the seeds of berries from the coffee bush. One of the most beloved drinks in the world, coffee today is the product of about fifty countries called “the coffee belt”, with a topical or subtropical climate. Its global cultivation allows for the creation of a wide panel of varieties each more different than the last, such as the Arabica variety, recognised for its fruity and sweet notes, contrary to the Robusta variety which is more bitter with woody, earthy and hazelnut notes.

Le Sirop de MONIN Coffee, with its beautiful dark brown colour with golden tints and intense bitter, coffee flavour will elevate all of your cocktails, mochas, lattes and iced drinks to perfection.

Product available only in ASIA PAC, please contact your local distributor for more information.


hot chocolate, latte, frappé, moscow mule, martini

The MONIN Tips

Try to combine this unique espresso flavour with milk and caramel sauce. Blend the mix until smooth and you will have perfect coffee delight.

French company