Le Sirop de MONIN Caribbean

Le Sirop de MONIN Caribbean

Made from molasses, rum is largely produced in the Caribbean and Latin America and is often added to punches, cakes, ice cream and exotic fruits. Designed to give mocktails a natural rum flavour, Le Sirop de MONIN Caribbean brings a taste of sweet dark rum with vanilla notes and a long-lasting finish. This bright amber syrup gives a nose of dark rum aged in oak barrels.

Le Sirop de MONIN Caribbean is perfect for non-alcoholic cocktails such as Mojitos, Piña Coladas or Planter’s and also for indulgent hot drinks.


virgin cocktails, mocktails, chocolates, milkshakes, iced lattes, culinary

The MONIN Tips

The blend hints of island spices with a smooth texture stands out of the flavour and leads to an overwhelming spiced honey flavour that gently guides you to the creamy, cake frosting finish. 'Caribbean' will give you the opportunity to convert all your rum-based alcoholic cocktails to their non alcoholic versions without even losing the rum aroma.

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