Le Sirop de MONIN Brown Butter

Le Sirop de MONIN Brown Butter

Introducing MONIN Brown Butter Syrup, the perfect way to add a rich and caramelised flavour to your favourite food and drinks. Without having to mess with stove tops, pans, cooking and cleaning, the toasty flavour of brown butter can now be easily applied with MONIN'S Brown Butter Syrup, Elevate your specialty coffee, lattes, cocoas, cocktails, milkshakes and other beverages with this versatile syrup that adds a rich,
buttery mouthfeel and also providing another level of flavour.

Product available only in ASIA PAC, please contact your local distributor for more information.


Cocktails, mocktails, iced teas, milkshakes, hot beverages

The MONIN Tips

Not just limited to drinks, brown butter can be used to add a depth of flavour to baked goods, sauces, sautéed dishes or even as flavourful topping for pasta, popcorn or roasted meats. With MONIN Brown Butter Syrup. the possibilities are endless. Try it now and experience the delicious and versatile flavour of brown butter.

French company