Le Mixeur de MONIN Margarita Mix

Le Mixeur de MONIN Margarita Mix

Craft delicious frozen or on-the-rocks margaritas every time with this natural, concentrated mix. Made with a perfectly balanced blend of Persian limes, zesty lemons and sweetened with organic agave nectar, MONIN Margarita mix delivers a consistently excellent margarita experience.

Product available only in ASIA PAC, please contact your local distributor for more information.


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The MONIN Tips

On-the-rocks, or frozen, this natural mix is perfect for batching up consistent and refreshing margaritas. Hand-squeezed taste with natural citrus flavour that is simple and delicious. Made with real fruit juice and nothing artificial, this natural concentrate is a perfectly-balanced blend of limes, zesty orange and agave. MONIN Margarita Mix is the most convenient and consistent way for your staff to create the perfect margarita every time.

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