Le Fruit de MONIN Williams Pear

Le Fruit de MONIN Williams Pear

With its succulent, fine, soft flesh, the Williams Pear is not the most cultivated variety in the world. Le Fruit de MONIN Williams Pear is carefully selected and harvested when the fruit is ripe. It is then developed to preserve the many gustative qualities of this ancient fruit.

With its strong, particular fragrant flavour and slightly grainy texture, Le Fruit de MONIN Williams Pear is ideal for dessert toppings, in cocktails, frappes and smoothies.


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The MONIN Tips

Pear is regarded as an essential fruit in the world of french desserts and patisserie.Le Fruit de MONIN Pear is the ideal flavour for personalising your different applications: wow your clients with its texture and flavour! This puree is perfect for classic drinks; it mixes very well with other fruits such as strawberry or raspberry, and also with aromatic herbs such as basil, mint and tarragon.

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