Le Concentré de MONIN Bitter

Le Concentré de MONIN Bitter

Created from a blend of bitter plants, bitters was first used for its medical properties before becoming a world renowned aperitif liquor. Highly appreciated among mixologists, bitter is a choice ingredient for making signature cocktails. 

Savoured neat or on ice, or topped with sparkling water, MONIN Bitters concentrate will add a welcomed bitter touch to your drinks. In addition to its gorgeous red colour, it will bring pronounced hints of gentian and ginger along with a touch of spices to your cocktails such as famous Americanos and Negronis. 


lemonades, mocktails, sour

The MONIN Tips

I particularly like to combine it with citrus flavours such as lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit. It really gives another dimension to your favourite beverages.

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