Le Sirop de MONIN Wild Strawberry

Le Sirop de MONIN Wild Strawberry

Since the Middle Ages, the wild strawberry has remained the oldest variety of strawberries. This summer fruit of the past was first used as a dye due to its beautiful red colour, and then for its strong flavour.

MONIN captures the delicate floral notes of the wild strawberry and brings a stronger flavour than the classic strawberry to all of your creations. Often associated with chocolate, Le Sirop de MONIN Wild Strawberry can also elevate many cocktails such as a Spritz, Hugo, or add a twist to your beers. It can also be used in more decadent drinks such as hot chocolates, frappés and milkshakes, all the way to being infused in whipped cream.


cider, hugo, spritz, beer, mojito, martini, tea, lemonade

The MONIN Tips

MONIN Wild Strawberry syrup is versatile and can be applied in alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks and even in culinary recipes. Go on for a Wild Strawberry lemonade as a refreshing drink.

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