La Liqueur de MONIN Vanilla

La Liqueur de MONIN Vanilla

To create the finest vanilla liqueur in the world, you must first start with the finest vanilla extract in the world. For more than 90 years, MONIN has been using premium vanilla extract from Madagascar.

This pure extract is what gives La Liqueur de MONIN Vanilla the superior taste that makes the difference in your recipes.

Discover how La Liqueur de MONIN Vanilla can enhance any beverages!


cocktails, dessert drinks, coffees

The MONIN Tips

Fly to the exotic islands with MONIN Vanilla liqueur. Thanks to a perfect blend of spices and vanilla. MONIN Vanilla liqueur will offer roundness to your drink bounding it with all the other ingredients.I often prefer to replace sugar with MONIN Vanilla liqueur for a better gourmet round mouth feeling. Due to its aromatic structure it will upscale any basic rum. My favourite use of MONIN Vanilla liqueur is combining it with MONIN Spicy syrup to enhance the spices and keep a smooth sensation with the vanilla fragrance, to balance it with lime juice, and to add bourbon or vodka to respect the 3 'S' rule: Sweet, Sour, Strong.

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