Le Sirop de MONIN Spicy

Le Sirop de MONIN Spicy

With its red orange glints colour, Le Sirop de MONIN Spicy contains naturals extracts of cinnamon and chili pepper to make you spice your palate. Its cinnamon nose and spice taste with hot chilli after-notes allow you to experience the strong emotion of a pleasant pungent spicy taste in various cocktails, mocktails and culinary applications.


tiki, mule, gin tonic, beer, lemonade, hot chocolate, tea

The MONIN Tips

This unique and trendy flavour is today used all over the world and recognized for its unforgettable spicy taste which can transform all your beverages, and enrich your drinks with spicy notes and warm feeling. Try it with cocktails, fruit punches and different culinary applications.

French company