Le Sirop de MONIN Piña Colada

Le Sirop de MONIN Piña Colada

Piña colada Originally from Puerto Rico, an island in the Greater Antilles, the Piña Colada has been a world-renowned cocktail since the 20th century.

Le Sirop de MONIN Piña Colada associates the natural essence of Puerto Rican fruit with the sweetness of coconut, without the alcohol. Ideal for mocktails, it will bring a delicious exotic milky taste to an iced latte, a beer or even a Tropical Mule paired with lime.


cocktails, virgin cocktails, iced lattes, milkshakes, beers, sodas

The MONIN Tips

Add a twist to your summer lemonade, make a Piña Colada mocktail or create a Caribbean Mule with spiced rum, ginger beer and of course MONIN Piña Colada Syrup.

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