Le Concentré de MONIN Lemonade Mix

Le Concentré de MONIN Lemonade Mix

Made with Sicilian lemons, Le Concentré de MONIN Lemonade Mix is a lemon based concentrate designed to make easy, yet refreshing homemade-style lemonades.

Whether it’s a classic sweet & sour or one easily twisted with a fruit or herb MONIN product, this cold glass of lemonade is officially the most popular -and now convenient- way of quenching our thirst when the temperature soars. Make a pitcher of traditional style lemonade in no time on a hot summer’s day!


lemonades, frozen lemonades, fizzes, collins, beers

The MONIN Tips

With MONIN Lemonade Mix concentrate you can instantly create refreshingly hydrating drinks that your customers will love, all day long. Developed from Sicilian Lemons, Lemonade Mix has a low sugar content – less that 100 calories for a 360ml glass. You can pair it with the whole range of fruity and herby MONIN syrup and Le Fruit de MONIN products. Add it to your alcohol of choice and easily transform your lemonade into a Fizz or Collins. Enough to prepare a variety of drinks to brighten your summer.

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