Le Sirop de MONIN Irish

Le Sirop de MONIN Irish

This syrup combines all the subtle flavours of traditional Irish beverages. Similar to Irish Cream, this light brown syrup holds rich hints of whisky, caramel and cream.

Le Sirop de MONIN Irish is perfect for non-alcoholic Irish Coffees, or creating a variety of after dinner drinks, both hot and cold. Indulge in the “Luck of the Irish” for a decadent treat.


irish coffee, whiskey, hot chocolate, latte, frappé

The MONIN Tips

MONIN Irish syrup allows you to create a luxurious, mocha like taste perfect for replicating a non-alcoholic version of the classic Irish Coffee, as well as other speciality coffees, hot chocolates and even frappes and milkshakes in the summer.

French company