La Liqueur de MONIN Green Mint

La Liqueur de MONIN Green Mint

According to Greek mythology, 'Menthe' was a water nymph who fell in love with Hades, Persephone's husband. The jealous goddess turned the nymph into a green plant, today famous for its delicious, fresh and sweet aroma. Mint is aromatic and pleasant. Its refreshing and cooling properties make Green Mint one of the most appreciated and used herb worldwide both for sweet and sour cuisines. Green Mint is traditionally used in France to flavour water and in Italy to enhance cold milk. 

La Liqueur de MONIN Green Mint is ideal to give a cool peppermint taste and green colour to smooth and chilled beverages.



The MONIN Tips

A unique taste best enjoyed on the rocks or with a dash of soda water.

French company