Le Sirop de MONIN Cotton Candy

Le Sirop de MONIN Cotton Candy

The brainchild of a dentist and American candy maker over a century ago, cotton candy today is a must have treat at county fairs. Primarily made from sugar, today it has a variety of colours and flavours to choose from.

Rediscover the most famous flavour of yesteryear’s candy with Le Sirop de MONIN Cotton Candy, which will bring a touch of generosity and an ineluctable softness with its hints of sweet vanilla and strawberry to all of your creations.


chocolate, smoothie, milkshake, cosmopolitan

The MONIN Tips

MONIN Cotton Candy syrup will transport you straight back to your childhood with its delicious smell reminiscent of carnivals and fun fairs. Use it to add a touch of nostalgia and fantasy to your hot or cold drinks. Decadent milk-based drinks such as milkshakes and frappes are a must to appreciate the deliciously sweet and comforting taste of this flavour. Red fruits such as strawberry, raspberry and blueberry, and soft fruits such as apricot, peach and mango will go really well with MONIN Cotton Candy syrup whether its in a smoothie, nonalcoholic cocktail or paired with clear spirits. Seeking a bit of comfort in this tough world? Give in to a Cotton Candy Strawberry Milk, and you’ll feel like you’re six years old again.

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