Le Concentré de MONIN Cold Brew

Le Concentré de MONIN Cold Brew

Cold Brew is originally an American drink, known for its refreshing and naturally energizing aspects. It is made by infusing ground coffee in cold water for about 12h. This natural procedure means all of the coffee’s organoleptic and aromatic properties are extracted. The aromatic strength and the originality of its profile have made this drink an unmissable member of the coffee world for the past few years. 

An authentic blend of Arabica coffee, very lightly sweetened, MONIN Cold Brew concentrate is ideal for creating genuine Cold Brews, either flavoured or non-flavoured.


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The MONIN Tips

With its powerful and atypical profile, Cold Brew is the revolutionary drink of the coffee world in recent years. Now a must for baristas, it can be used to make a multitude of soft drinks. Try Monin Cold Brew’s Concentrate, the ideal solution for twisting great classics such as Mojito, Lemonade or Frozen Cappuccino!

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