La Liqueur de MONIN Coffee

La Liqueur de MONIN Coffee

Coffee is a widely known beverage made of coffee seeds more generally called coffee beans. The coffee plant which produces those seeds was discovered in Ethiopia but its culture spread to other countries producing different coffee blends. In order to make what is one of the most popular beverages worldwide, coffee beans have to be dried, roasted and then brewed. The smell of coffee is recognised as a good way to restore appetite and refresh olfactory receptors. It is of course also mostly appreciated for its taste and, due to its caffeine content, for being a great morning awakener.

With La Liqueur de MONIN Coffee you will feel the intense taste of a Columbian coffee in a cocktail. You can also enjoy the strength of coffee in a cold beverage!


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The MONIN Tips

MONIN Coffee liqueur is perfect for Black Russians or creamy white Martinis. Don't forget to try combining it with ice cream in a delicious blended dessert drink.

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