La Liqueur de MONIN Coconut

La Liqueur de MONIN Coconut

With a paradisiacal origin, the young coconut is a sweet and delicious fruit with a typical taste that will take you to heaven. Coconuts have been known to travel to faraway lands to find new homesteads. Some stories abound of coconuts floating their way across oceans to visit human in search of paradise. Usually found in exotic islands coconut is used in many drinks.

Let your imagination fly to the sunny beaches of tropical Islands and create a delightful combination of flavours with La Liqueur de MONIN Coconut.


short drinks, ong drinks, after-dinner cocktails

The MONIN Tips

MONIN Coconut liqueur will transport you to sunny island beaches! Thanks to its creamy coconut flavour and its gentle touch of almond, MONIN Coconut liqueur will bring roundness and fruity flavour to your drinks. You will love it for all exotic cocktails from pina-coladas, punches, batidas to tikis. Try it also in after-dinner drinks with cream, such as white Russians, or in hot chocolates. But my favourite application is a coconut mai tai, replacing almond by MONIN Coconut liqueur. Cheers!

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