La Liqueur de MONIN Cherry Brandy

La Liqueur de MONIN Cherry Brandy

Throughout the centuries, cherry trees 'have been enjoyed for their succulent fruits as well as their beauty. Many varieties now exist. Since ancient times, cherries have enjoyed a special place on tables from the Middle East to Europe. The cherry fruit is popular raw, in preserves, pies, but also as ciders, liqueurs and syrups.

La Liqueur de MONIN Cherry Brandy is available year-round to impart deep summer cherry flavour to all your beverages.



The MONIN Tips

Our Cherry Brandy liqueur reveals all the taste of the spirit infused cherries. This delightful liqueur is a must to mix with any chocolate base. But its powerful balanced taste allows amazing before dinner creations, such as Manhattans, slings, daisies. You can also enjoy it in a simple way over ice cubes.

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