La Liqueur de MONIN Blue Curaçao

La Liqueur de MONIN Blue Curaçao

Curaçao is a liqueur flavoured with the dried peel of the green oranges originally from the West Indian island of Curaçao, a tropical paradise with beautiful secluded beaches that enjoy sunshine all year long. Discovered by accident, the drink was first developed and marketed by a Spanish family from Curaçao in the 19th century. The liqueur has an orange flavour with varying degrees of bitterness. The most common Blue Curaçao has a stunning deep blue color.

La Liqueur de MONIN Blue Curaçao will add colour to your drinks and bring a light exotic aroma! It is perfect to enhance your drinks!



The MONIN Tips

Blue Curaçao liqueur is a must-have in every single bar! The colour gives a touch of mystery to any cocktail, with its deep blue to light green colour, depending on the ingredients it is combined with. I like to mix it with coconut flavours as the colour turns into green and the taste becomes very round.

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