La Liqueur de MONIN Cassis de Dijon

La Liqueur de MONIN Cassis de Dijon

The blackcurrant berry features a sweet lightly bitter taste and a dark colour. It is traditionally used in jams, juices, cordials, ice creams and syrups. Félix Kir appointed mayor of Dijon, France, from 1945 to 1967, gave to this delicious flavour the recognition it deserves. He popularised the famous drink called 'Kir', made of white wine and 'crème de cassis' or blackcurrant liqueur, by serving it at receptions to visiting delegations. 

Flavour countless beverages with the natural berry taste of La Liqueur de MONIN Cassis de Dijon!


cocktails, wines or sparkling wine drinks, after dinner drinks, hot chocolates

The MONIN Tips

Resulting from the maceration of the blackcurrant berries from Dijon, MONIN Blackcurrant liqueur brings this amazing, fruity and intense flavour to your drinks. There are many ways to drink it, either on crushed ice or mixed in a cocktail. You can easily flavour wines or sparkling wines, or bring a twist to your Mojitos, Cosmopolitans or black Russians. I really like adding MONIN Blackcurrant liqueur to my Bramble to make it more velvety and intense.

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