La Liqueur de MONIN Apricot Brandy

La Liqueur de MONIN Apricot Brandy

The apricot is a fruit-bearing tree native from China, imported into Europe by the Romans. The fruit looks like a peach or nectarine, with a color ranging from yellow to orange and sometimes with a red cast. Juicy and soft apricot are high in natural sugars. The delicious taste of apricot may be blended with a very wide range of flavours.

La Liqueur de MONIN Apricot Brandy will bring a touch of Mediterranean flavour to all your favourite cocktails, especially when mixed with whiskey or rum.


cocktails, coffees, after dinner drinks

The MONIN Tips

MONIN Apricot Brandy liqueur, refreshing and fruitful taste is really pleasant to use in various short or long cocktails. I'm keen on using it in wine spritzers with Le Fruit de MONIN Peach or Mango. It reveals all its freshness in fizzes, coolers and long signature beverages. A most common use will be the paradise cocktail where the gin and the fresh orange juice enhance MONIN Apricot Brandy liqueur fruitfull flavour.

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