Le Sirop de MONIN Green Mint

Le Sirop de MONIN Green Mint

Originally from the south of Europe and the Middle East, mint is an aromatic herb that has been recognized since Greek mythology. Greatly appreciated thanks to its refreshing virtues, green mint is used in cooking all over the world.

With its intense emerald green colour and its notes of peppery mint, Le Sirop de MONIN Green Mint will bring a twist of freshness to all of your creations. Often mixed with water or milk, it will be a perfect addition to a hot chocolate or a mocha, but also in soda, lemonades and frappés.

Product available only in ASIA PAC, please contact your local distributor for more information.


diabolo, limonade, hot chocolate, gin, cooler, after dinner

The MONIN Tips

It can easily be used in a variety of applications. Simply mixing it with still or sparkling water gives you a really refreshing drink when you most need it. A perfect addition to MONIN Green Tea Concentrate to sip in the summer or to balance a heavy meal.

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