Le Fruit de MONIN Rhubarb

Le Fruit de MONIN Rhubarb

Sharp on the tongue and lusciously pink on the eye, Le Fruit de MONIN Rhubarb brings some sweet authenticity to any drink creation. Easy to combine with other flavours such as strawberry or ginger, serve it in a flavoured wine, mocktail or milkshake for a nostalgic taste of a day in the English countryside.


lemonades, iced teas, cocktails, mocktails

The MONIN Tips

Le Fruit de MONIN Rhubarb is a fantastic addition to the range, characterized by the tart fruitiness that makes this flavour so popular. Mainly used in culinary applications, it is also perfect to prepare drinks such as smoothies, cocktails and mocktails. It is also a wonderful innovative idea for a Tom Collins or a Moscow mule. Lee Hyde, MONIN Beverage Innovation Manager

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