Le Fruit de MONIN Fig

Le Fruit de MONIN Fig

Soft, moist with a prominent sweetness and many tiny seeds. the fig fruit is actually an inverted flower with a long standing history. Believed to be the first cultivated plants, figs were originated in Asia Minor. These oval or pear-shaped fruits were used to sweeten desserts and in culinary before the widespread of sugar.

Inspired by the versatility of this long-loved fruit, Le Fruit de MONIN Fig captures the sweet, floral-fruity notes of figs with a jammy texture that will elevate your salad dressing, desserts and drink creations!

Product available only in ASIA PAC, please contact your local distributor for more information.


Cocktail, mocktail, smoothies, coffee, chocolate, icedteas, lemonades, dessert drinks, culinary

The MONIN Tips

Soft pear-shaped fruit with dark flesh and many small seeds. Fig is a species of flowering plant in mulberry family and widely grown throughout the world. The flesh of ripe fig is pulpy, jellylike, but also grainy from the seeds, and a dense stringiness. Le Fruit de MONIN Fig used the finest quality of ingredients. With strong and sweet in taste with a hint of sour, Le Fruit de MONIN Fig is ideal to use in cocktail, mocktail, smoothies and in hot drinks.

French company